Tenebrae Vision

Brain Dead Decision

"I told him I gave myself to the Devil."

"I've got lots of questions and no answers"

"I gave myself to him body and soul"

"...and this satanic stuff, that's... that's just an act, you know. Hey I don't..."

- The Unholy

Dis Coarse Illusion

"What's in the box? Your head... That's your head in the box! [laughter]"

- Videodrome

Face to Face

"See you in Pittsburgh... [exploding sound]"

- Videodrome

Nothing Stays

"It is by will alone I set my mind in motion. It is by the juice of Safu that thoughts acquire speed, the lips acquire stain, the stains become a warning. It is by will alone I set my mind in motion."

- Dune

"All I can tell you mister... Is watch out. Seen the TV-cameras yet? He's watching you, friend. I guarantee that." hall3

- Halloween 3: Season of the Witch

Road Kill

"'No, I didn't see him. He...he came out of nowhere and then he jumped in front of my car...and then I hit him. Oh God, I hit him.' 'I'm a priest can I do anything hear?' 'Well, Mrs. Baker hear is alright, father, but you got one over there that's in dire need of your blessing.' 'He just jumped in front of my car.' 'Alright, Mrs. Baker. Do you have any moving violations?' 'I'm a priest.' 'Well Father, you've got to hurry.' 'Help me Father John Michael. You're in danger. She... she wants you. Help me.' 'We have to go.'"unholy3

"'...whose parachutes have failed to open.Somehow they survived.' 'With no injuries whatsoever'"

- The Unholy


Meltdown (Parody)

"You know, like, he touches me, you know. He sees me. He sees me and he... he is watching me. He told me he was. He told me he was watching me, you know. He told me he was watching me. He's from Hell"

"'...came from Hell. Oh my God, I'm going to tear his eyes out. He told me that. Oh, God he told...' 'Millie, what do you mean he told you?' 'He called me. He called me. I got a phone call from Hell.' 'Millie...' 'He's in... he's in Hell. Don't touch me. I'll kill. I'll kill you. I'll send you to Hell. Oh, I'll send you all to hell. I'll send you to Hell.'" unholy1

"[phone rings] 'Hello? Hello? Who is this?' 'Father Michael?' 'Yes. I... I... I can't hear you. Who is this?' 'This is Father Dennis.' 'Is this some kind of joke?' 'I'm waiting for you in Hell'" unholy2

- The Unholy

Thanks to J DeELL for the samples